Where does all the ideas come from?

The idea to start SWEARE came during a summer evening in Vinterviken, Stockholm 2012. Per and I were thinking about the future and what was next for us to do in life. During this time we were living in Norway, at Holmenkollen, Oslo, but we spent the summer holidays in Sweden. We had decided to move back to Sweden and we needed something to do when we came back, and we also needed somewhere to live…

We decided that we would start a company together and we wanted to settle down in Åre. We both have a passion for sports and the outdoors, and we also wanted to work with development within that area. As I was working in the clothing industry it was easy for us to decide to develop sportswear.

We determined that we wanted a niche position against a particular target group. We wanted to create high quality products that suits the consumer and the activities it is meant to be used for.

At this time we were trying to complete ”A Swedish Classic” and therefore we chose to target the sports included in the event. These sports are Cross-country (XC) skiing, trail running, bicycling and swimming. We lived as I mentioned, in Norway, and in Norway XC skiing is an extremely popular activity. At the same time we saw that in Sweden, XC skiing was starting to grow in popularity and this evolvement tipped the scale for us to start develop prototypes for this branch.

It is exactly 3 years ago since we decided to start SWEARE and our first collection will be launched in November 2015. During these three years we have had several turns of sketching, improvements in the fit, sewing prototypes and testing the prototypes in different materials.

We have now started the countdown to the launch in stores and to our own web-shops grand opening.