Set with jacket and pants

Buy a set with jacket and pants

We have put together our jackets and pants so that you get a better price when buy a both a jacket and a pant!
Base layers and underwear can also be bought as a set, see all packages below!

Set for women /// Set for men

Evolve XC Jacket & Tights

Set 260 EUR /// Regular 320 EUR

Evolve XC Jacket & Stamina Pants

Set 290 EUR /// Regular 370 EUR

Motion Mid Jacket & Evolve XC Tights

Set 200 EUR /// Regular 240 EUR

Undies Base layer

Set Long sleeve & Long johns 115 EUR /// Regular 145 EUR

Undies Underwear

Set Sport Bra & boxer 65 EUR /// Regular 75 EUR
Set 2-pack boxer 60 EUR /// Regular 70 EUR

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