Åre Trail tour 2018 General terms

When you sign up for Åre tail, you agree to our general terms and conditions

  • The registration is binding and the start fee is non-refundable.
  • If Åre trail is forced to cancel a race, we will refund half of the starting fee.
  • Change of race class is not allowed.
  • It’s not allowed to let someone else enter the race in your name. Name change is allowed at a charge of 100kr.
  • All participation is at your own risk and contestants must be responsible for ensuring that they have appropriate insurance.
  • The routes of the courses may change
  • To protect the environment, we will not have paper cups at the service stations. We encourage participants to bring their own bottle of water or cup that you can fill at the start and finish area or at the service stations or mountain steams along the course.
  • No garbage may be left along the course, littering leads to disqualification. All garbage should be brought to the finish.
  • Support is permitted at the service stations but not along the track.
  • A competitor that has abandoned the race shall report it as soon as possible to the organizer
  • All participants are obliged at their best ability to help another participant that have been injured or sick during the race
  • By your registration you agree to bring the required equipment specified for each race.
  • When participating in our events, we handle your personal information in order to:

    • Communicate before and after an event; For example, to send confirmation, send information and marketing related to the event and SWEARE, ask or answer questions and to make evaluations.
    • Upon participation in our events, you acknowledge that images and videos on you are saved and used in our social media and website. If you do not want us to save pictures, please contact us at service@sweare.com to inform us.
    • When attending at one of our events, you agree that we publish the following information of you; Name, city, company/association, nationality, starting number, results.
    • You agree that we will save the following information; name, address, e-mail address, phone number, mobile number and registration information.
    • Read our privacy policy.