At SWEARE we aim to have as close and good relationship with our customers and users as possible. We have therefor chosen to work with ambassadors. It doesn’t matter if you are a recreational skier or if you are trying to reach the olympics, we want to know what YOU think and we are excited that just YOU want to join our team!

During the spring of 2014 we launched a crowdfunding-campaign where costumers could pre-emptive products and with that, help us test and try the first prototypes. This gave us about 60 ambassadors that during this season has given us feedback on the clothes. This has led to some fine-tuning on the products to further ensure the quality.

We’ve been lucky enough to work together with members of the Swedish junior team, professional girls and coaches at one of Swedens best Cross Country Skiing schools.


We have had the benefit to have ambassadors testing and evaluating prototypes during the development of our first product line. We are incredibly grateful for the interest and support they have given us from the start of our journey.

Our crowdfunding ambassadors are athletes who come from different parts of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It is important for us to have products tested in different climates, environments and even for different activities.

Max Novak

Max is original from Gothenburg but in 2008 the family moved to Jämtland. Max started at the skiing school in Järpen and since then he has up the ante and is now a member of the Swedish Junior team.

Jemtland United

Several of the smaller ski-clubs of Jämtland and Härjedalens has joined forces and work together during competitions all around Sweden. They split the resources and thereby increases their competitiveness.  For Winter 15/16 the team is 7 girls: Tua Dahlgren, Elin Backén, Emma Backén, Sara Östling, Magdalena Mixter, Elenor Bäckman and Olivia Bengtsson.

Alicia Persson

Alicia comes from Stöde, a village outside Sundsvall where she discovered skiing as a child. Alicia is a competitive person who always strive to make a top performance, which has resulted in that she races with the very best in her age.